Friday, September 10, 2010

Get ready... set... go...

(isn't this the cutest monster you've ever seen?)

It's September.

Like you didn't know.

But September is the month before October you see.

Like you didn't know that either.

I spend the whole entire month of September getting ready for October.

December? You don't scare me one bit.

This month I will be planning a trip to California and Disneyland, a Toy Story Birthday Party (in California), A Hello Kitty Birthday Party (in Utah), a dinner celebration at Hee Haw (aka Texas Roadhouse), and all this for one little soon to be 3 year old.

My mother tells me I've created a monster.

You see, birthdays are a BIG deal to me. Birthdays are the one day a year that the day is all about you.

It's okay Tim knew this about me before we got married.

I have installed this thinking into my little two year old, she is VERY excited about her birthday this year. Every morning when I go to get her out of her crib, she says:

"Mama, it's October?"

Those of you that know me know, know that my birthday is also in October. I almost had Izzie on my 30th birthday. I was checked into labor and delivery all ready to go, but when my doctor came into the room I begged her to go home. I was NOT going to have our baby on MY birthday!! We joked my whole pregnancy that this would happen, I laughed it off at the time. But when it was actually going to happen, it was not funny at all. The 17th of October is MY day. Luckily my doctor let me go home that night, and I checked back into the hospital the next night and was in labor for a full 24 hours so we are two days apart. Thank goodness, cause neither her nor I want to share our day with each other!
My mother is right, I have created a monster.

But it's OK, cause she's cute.

So please excuse me for the next month, I will be in my basement covered in birthday decor.

Can someone please come check on me on the 16th of October to make sure I don't miss my birthday? Please?