Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sea World - Part Two

Last time we were in California, I think it was June, we went to Sea World. I found out that our tickets were good for two days, so we decided to take advantage of that, and go again in October. It was so nice the second time, we didn't feel rushed. The first time we found ourselves running around trying to fit all the shows in. I think it's next to impossible to fit it all in, in one trip!!!!

The dolphins were awesome this time, they were really friendly, it was our favorite attraction. Izzie stayed with this dolphin for a good five minutes. I think he was just as interested in her, as she was in him, it was a very cute moment. Tim was a good Daddy and went on the rides with Izzie, we made a quick stop at the Budweiser Horses - they are so BIG!

Izzie thought she would be cute and grab the camera while we were waiting for the Shamu show to start. She's so darn CUTE!
Here she is trying to put Tim's hat back on for him, I could not stop laughing!

Last shot of the day, hey look it's another picture of me, on my blog, imagine that :)

More pictures to come - Disneyland, camping and much much more!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009 - California Style :)

I know I'm her mom, but I think this is the cutest Cat in the Hat I've ever seen! I whipped up a black tutu the night before Halloween, and you can't see them but we bought her the ruby slipper shoes from Target and some black tights and she was ready to GO!

She was so excited, that she was going to trick-or-treat with her cousins Sean and Brandon until we got there and they were dressed in scary costumes, she warmed up to them as the night went on, but that's why she has a terrified look on her face in all the pictures :)

We had a lot of fun sharing the night with them Sean and Brandon were so sweet with her even when she was slowing them down! Izzie thought knocking on doors and getting candy was just the greatest thing ever!!!

Hope you Halloween was just as fun as ours was.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Izzie's 2nd Birthday Party

First I would like to start this post by saying, I'm so sorry that the pictures are out of order. I'm posting on Tim's new laptop and I'm still trying to master it. I miss my Mac. :(
Izzie opening her gifts with Daddy.

Here are some of Izzie's cousins decorating pumpkins.

Gift bags and shoes, and Halloween rubber duckies for the babies. A special thank you to Uncle Brian for her awesome personal cake!

We had Costco hot dogs with Tommy's Chili and super nachos for lunch. YUM!

Here is the pumpkin carving station before the storm of kids hit. A special thanks to Uncle Rick for letting us borrow his Halloween blow-ups!

We also had a cookie decorating station as well, it was a big hit.

Here's Izzie with her cousins Colt and Brianna at the caramel apple decorating station. I think those were the best thing at the party, besides Iz or course :)

The kids had fun dancing inside too, it was hard to get a good picture of Izzie. She was to busy making the rounds.

Here's a close-up of the girl's goodie shoes. They took forever to make, but I think they turned out great!

Close-up of the centerpieces and chandeliers.

It was such a great party! Thank you so much James and Brian for letting us have the party at your house, and for all your help throughout the day. And to the grandma's I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We have decided to move back to California.

As most of you know, I am still out here in California, our two week vacation quickly turned into an extented stay when my Dad passed away the day before we were supposed to go home. I am dealing pretty well I think. As best I can I guess. My Dad and I haven't always had the best relationship, but it had slowly been getting better ever since I got married in 2000. And when I had Izzie in 2007, I think the relationship was totally healed , I was really at peace with where we were as father and daughter. It is so true what they say, you never really know what it's like or what it takes to be a parent until you become one yourself. For the first time in my life I started appreciating what my Dad could give me, and stopped being upset with what he couldn't give me. He was truly a great grandpa, and seeing him in grandpa mode helped me remember the good times we had growing up, back before things got really complicated. I am so grateful, although it was very hard to watch, that I was able to be with him until the very end. As difficult as it has been, I feel truly blessed that we were still here in California.
Tim, Izzie and I are trying to make the best of our extended stay here and enjoy the California sun while we can. Tim will continue to work from his parents house and go into his office in Anaheim Hills when he can. My dad made us promise months before he died (not that he needed to ask), that we would help my mom with the finances and anything else that my mom might need when he passed away. There is a much bigger mess there than we ever thought there would be, so I think our stay here will be long. We are quickly finding out that you need a death certificate to do anything, and I mean anything, and that can take a minimum of 15 days to get one! I am so grateful that Tim is willing and able to take care of my mom and my family, he is truly the best husband ever! I will keep you all posted on how we are doing, thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. We miss you Utah :(
And Tiff, I was just kidding about the moving back bit, hee hee.