Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our little Ballerina :)

Here are the pictures we had taken around Valentine's Day
Can you believe she did this pose all on her own?

When it rains... it pours!

So many things have gone wrong these past few days I don't even know where to start!!!! Maybe I'll just list them for you....

 I finally go to the class that teaches me how to use my new sewing machine that I got for Christmas... only to find out that it is broken and needs to be sent in for repairs. Three week lead time UGH!!!

 My blender breaks while making Izzie a breakfast smoothie.

 Later that day... my stand mixer breaks while in the middle of making bread. At least I can take  them in for repairs at the same time :)

 Izzie starts teething again!

 Izzie gets very high fever, I think she's getting an ear infection from the teething.

 Tim goes to the doctor because he just can't shake this cough... he has bronchitis.

 And all this is in the past few days. Needless to say I'm very tired, cranky  and seriously doubting  the KitchenAid brand! 

 Hope everyones week is going better than mine :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pretzels anyone?

Last weekend we took at trip up to Cabellas to get a new tub of pretzels. For those of you that have visited us in Utah you know that Izzie likes to snack on the pretzels from this store, it's very strange her love of Cabella pretzels, you have to hide them from her because she will eat them all day long!!! This is why we keep them in the car, and only the car!!! Anyway they have this big aquarium that you can walk through and we thought it would be fun for Izzie to see. It took her a while to warm up to it, but she had fun. There is soooo much to look at there, you really can spend all day there, maybe thats why they have a cafeteria? Hum?
Notice the death-grip on dads collar? I think she inherited moms deep fear of the underwater world!
Warming up to the idea here.
I loved this shot because you can see her smile in the glass

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much going on.....

Look who has enough hair to put in pigtails! 
Smiling at her daddy :)
Not to much going on out here in Utah. Although can I take this moment to say that we here in Utah have had enough of your California storms, so quit sending them our way! Most of them have missed us here in Eagle Mountain, although we got a big on on Valentine's day. But the rest of the state is getting a lot of snow!!! Today I took down all my Valentine's day decorations and put up the St. Patrick's Day stuff (yeah), and I finally put the rest of the Christmas decorations away (I know I'm bad, but it was the outside decor and it's cold here:). Hope all is well with everyone!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!

This is what I woke up to on Valentine's Day morning! Isn't that bag just to die for, 
I made Tim his favorite breakfast sandwich ever, and served it on a a sparkly heart shaped plate. I told you we were going big with the holidays this year :)
Daddy was extra nice and shared with Izzie, I guess she's a fan of the sandwich too now.
Here's Izzie opening her first Valentine from Daddy.
Dad also got her a SUPER soft bear holding a heart that says LOVE. As you can see she loved it!
That morning we woke up to this! And yes those are Christmas lights! It's to snowy to take them down yet :)

I hope everyone had a very HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY !!!!!

We love you

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the Air!!!

These are photo's of Izzie just one year ago, this was actually the very first time we got a real smile out of her, it just melted our hearts! And it happened to be right around Valentines Day:)
I thought since it's Valentines Day I would share the story of how Tim & Nikki met.
(it is flashback Friday!) I know a lot of you know the story, but there are some out there that don't, so here it goes..

Tim and I officially met in December of 1998 at The Home Depot where I was working. It was really late, way past closing time and I was the last register open that night. My manager wouldn't let me close out my drawer because there was still a group of guys shopping. After about 20 minutes they finally came to check out, and I guess you can say I got a little bit sassy with one of Tim's friends when he stared joking around with me and giving me a hard time. I would later find out that Tim thought it was really funny.  Tim was in that group of guys that night, and it turned out we had a mutual friend that worked with me named Gary. Later that night Tim met up with Gary and he just happened to ask if Tim was seeing anyone, he said no but asked if he knew someone named Nicole that worked with him. Later that week Gary came up to me and said that one of his friends saw me the other night, and wanted to get my number. I asked if he was a nice guy, he said yes and that was enough for me, I knew Gary wouldn't set me up with a weirdo. So I gave him my number and waited for the call. I waited, and waited, and waited, and every time I saw Gary he would ask "did he call yet" and every time my answer was the same "nope, not yet". A month later he finally called and our first date was at BJ'S Pizza by the beach. (I would later find out he waited so long to call because he was to nervous, how sweet :) You were worth the wait honey!!!

I'm going to end my blog tonight with 10 things I love about my sweetie, it is 
Valentine's Day!:

1. I love how hard he works, to make it so I can stay home with Izzie.

2. I love his wicked sense of humor, it's just like mine and I think we have passed it on to Izzie too, yikes!

3. I love how he makes me take time for myself, somehow he always knows when I need it.

4. I love that he goes to the movies with me 2 times a year, he hates going to the movies.

5. I love that he hardly ever tells me no.

6. I love that he likes to cook!

7. I love that he is sooooo good at decorating. He makes a real mean bow!!!

8. I love that he has patience, I really don't have much myself.

9. I love that he is such a great Dad!

10. I love that he is such a generous person, especially when it comes to Izzie and I.

Happy Valentine's Day Honey I love you!
 I'm such a lucky girl to have you as my partner in crime!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The sign says it all

I saw this sign in the store the other day and just had to take a picture! I almost bought it, but we have a rule that you can't buy anything unless you know exactly where it will go when it comes in the door at home, so I had to settle for a picture.  But doesn't it just say it all!! 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Say Cheese!

I'm always getting these coupons in the mail from JC Penny's and Sears for their portrait studios, I save them with every intention of going in, cause they look like such a good deal. But after our first experience at a portrait studio with our little one, we have been so reluctant to go back, we felt like we left with the word "SUCKER" across our foreheads. The pictures look so cute, and the layouts are so adorable! You end up saying yes to this and that and before you know it your bill is over two hundred dollars.
 A few weeks ago I started tossing the idea around that we should take Izzie back in. I told Tim, we should use this coupon it's such a great deal, he agreed and so our mission began. I read and re-read the fine print on the coupon, I was not going to get suckered again! I told him, we are not ordering anything extra this time! Do not let me get carried away! We agreed to keep each other in check, and after pumping each other up for over a week, I felt we were strong enough to make the appointment to go in. And so this afternoon we got Izzie all dolled up and went to the mall. As we were approaching the studio, I saw the lady standing behind the cash register and I thought I can do this! Be strong! She is the enemy! After many photos and prop changes, we were finally done and ready to pick our favorite shot. Only one though, because the coupon said it MUST BE THE SAME POSE FOR ALL SHEETS!! We sat down at the little table and went through all the different poses and the whole time the lady kept saying "oh that ones soooo cute, look at that smile!", "ooooohhh, how sweet!"  I'm thinking, do they send her to some sort of class to learn this stuff? And to make things even harder, the whole time we're trying to pick-out that perfect pose, Izzie is screaming (partly my fault, it was well past her lunchtime). But I'm happy to report that we only picked two poses, I know, I know I said only one, but I think this is a huge improvement from our last visit. And besides have you seen her? she's darn cute and imagine her in a tutu, I'm lucky I only picked two! We only spent $26!!! , so I can say with great pride MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!! 
I will post the pictures as soon as we get them :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

I thought I would do a flashback Friday today. I was looking through some of my old photos on my computer this morning and came across the photos from this HOT day in August. My mom was in town and we decided to take Izzie out front so she could enjoy a homemade yogurt and strawberry popsicle. She made it look sooooo yummy! Until I tasted it, plain yogurt is just disgusting, I don't care what you put in it, it tastes like Elmer's glue, and yes I've tasted glue.

My grandparents we're also in town so they came over to join in on the fun. It truly was a perfect day :) As I was scanning through all my pictures, I stopped at this group because it looked so warm!, I really miss my grass and my trees look they have leaves on them! OK I'm officially ready for Spring!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Facebook?....Yeah Facebook!!!!

I just had to share this picture of Izzie, she fell asleep in the car like this yesterday.  While we were in California Red Robin gave her a balloon on the way out and she loved it, so we tied it to Tim's headrest in the car, and even though the balloon popped many days ago she still plays with (and chews on) the ribbon.
So a few nights ago I just couldn't get to sleep, maybe it had something to do with all the iced tea I drank that day, huh I wonder?, so anyway I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs and decided to see what this Facebook thing that everyone keeps talking about, is all about. So I sign up and right away it comes up with all these names of people that have already signed up that I might know and it asks if I want to be friends with them, I was shocked at how with a few simple questions they found so many people that I knew! I was even more shocked to see that even my grandparents were on there already, I have got to get with it! Anyway, 3 hours later I was still on there checking up on old friends, I even was able to find one of my very best friends Terry Lamoree, but she now goes by Terry Coxwell. I have had so much fun chatting with people I haven't heard from in years! When I told Tim about it, he got on that morning and joined too. So go to Facebook if you haven't already and join, you won't regret it!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!!

I'm so sorry I haven't had very many funny witty things to say lately, I'm still trying to unpack and get back in the groove of things back here at home. It always takes me a little while to get out of "vacation mode", it's such a nice happy carefree place to be that sometimes I really resist the transition back to "real life". Last night we went to Tiff and Rick's to watch the Super Bowl, and if you know Tim and I, you know we are not sports people to say the least :) but if you watched the game yourself you know it was a VERY exciting second half! When we got home that night we both agreed that we can handle a little bit of football every now and then if it's that exciting and short :) Here is the latest picture from our trip to California, Izzie really enjoyed emptying grandmas cupboards everyday, sometimes two three times. Since we've gotten home every time I open the pantry door she makes a mad dash to get there before I close the door so she can see what she can get into, and if I shut the door before she's done she starts to protest :) Thank you Susie :)