Friday, May 29, 2009

We put her to work!!

So Izzie's new "thing" is helping you empty the dishwasher. I know this won't last into her teenage years so I'm taking it while I can get it! She makes a beeline for the kitchen and gasps if she sees you opening the door, it's really funny. And every time she hands you a dish she makes a noise that sounds like "here you go", she tries :)   She takes the job really seriously, I couldn't even get her to look at me and smile for a picture and that's VERY rare.
The top shelf's a little hard for her, but it doesn't stop her.
And the heavy stuff doesn't stop her either
These past few days have been super busy, we planted all the veggies in our first planter box, and got started on the second, I had to stop yesterday when it got dark ( I have never shoveled so much dirt in my life!) and this morning I thought my arms were going to fall off, I actually wish they would because then the pain stop! I gave myself and Tim :) the day off from gardening, I've been working him hard too, and we went into town for lunch. On the way down the hill we saw the cutest old school desk at a yard-sale, Izzie is going to love it! We have to sand and paint it first but oh I can't wait!! I will post pictures of the garden YAH! and the yard-sale find this weekend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She's Singing in the Rain

Hope everyone had a super an safe Memorial Day weekend, we stayed at home and hit a book sale in Park City. All weekend long we were having thunderstorms and showers, and if you know me, you know I consider that great news! We still run out and sit on our porch to watch the storms go by, and I think we passed our love of storms on to Izzie. We let her go out and play in it for the first time this weekend, she had a ball.

It was all fun till the thunder and lightning started, then Dad had to go get her :)
The only bad thing about the rain is now I have to go pull weeds cause it softened the soil, Yuck!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures as promised and on the same day. I'm good!

Here are some pictures as promised, only a few though, they are taking sooooo long to upload tonight and I'm very tired. We were gardening again tonight, I know, I know 2 count them 2 days in a row, and NO crying!!!! Tim was so proud I was setting a good example for Izzie who was "helping" us today :)
Can you tell how much Izzie loved the beach, she was so funny!
Here we are at Izzie's first trip to Sea World, she had a blast!!
They have these new feeder tubes to so you can feed the sea lions.

Here are some pictures from Mother's Day this year, I was so lucky to be able to see friends and family this year!!
Here's a picture of Emma and Izzie, Emma is Stephanie Hopwoods little girl. 

We're Back!

We're back from Cali again :) We had such a great time visiting with everyone! But back to life, back to reality. I spent yesterday running errands all over the place. I had to pick up a sprinkler part that broke while we were away, some kind of pump of some sort, all I now is that our water wasn't working in the back yard so it had to be taken care of ASAP. And of course you can just go buy it at your local Home Depot, they sent me to Sprinkler World, the guy at Home Depot was rattling of directions like I know my way around Utah. I still need to master the streets out here, they are not at all like anywhere else, come visit you'll see, but I found it eventually. Then I had to pick up a kit from a class I signed up for and then couldn't make it to cause we were gone. Then off to our new Wal*Mart (yah I still get excited) to get food for the week, and vegetable plants for my new garden. And yes I planted them last night. I'm famous for getting plants and watching them die in the pots they came in on my front porch, In case you didn't know I hate gardening I'm trying to make myself like it :) . Anyway after Tim and I planted the veggies we came in and watched some TV. I saw a commercial for a new show on FOX called Glee I thought it would be good so I added it to my long list on the DVR, OMG!! we loved it!!! You have got to go to and watch the Pilot on their website. I cannot say enough good things about it, so I won't try, just go watch for yourself. I'm so glad to have a new show to watch this summer, I was so bummed last night watching all my season finales, if you don't know yet I am such a TV junkie, but now that it's summer I switch to all my favorite reality shows My life on the d-list, flipping out, project runway and the list goes on. Can't wait!
I will post vacation photo's soon, I have to unpack my bags first, Izzie's helping me with that by putting everything all over the living room :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's a BIG girl now... well almost :)

******* NEWS FLASH ********

We are super excited to announce that our WAL*MART is now open!!!!

While we were there the Chester the Cheeto guy was there Izzie had fun following him around the store.

This past month Izzie also had her 18 month doctor's appointment, everything went well she is still a little on the small side, she's in the 20th percentile. The doctor also said that now was the time to start thinking about potty training, Tim was VERY EXCITED! So this past weekend we went potty shopping :)

On our way we stopped and had pizza at THE PIE and shared some dessert at COLD STONE
We got a sprinkle bowl for Izzie (ok and for me too, I still can't resist sprinkles)
As you can tell she really enjoyed it :)

Here is the new throne at home, she still has yet to sit on it, the doctor told us just to make it available to her, and  not to force it on her. I will keep you all posted on what happens next, I'm sure there will be many, many stories to come :)
Life is real busy right now, I'm getting ready for the family to fly to California this week, it will be the first time flying since Izzie has started walking, I'm sure this should be fun. :)