Friday, January 30, 2009

A Day at the Park



When I pulled up all the pictures we took while in California, I realized that there was no way I could put them all in one post so I will share pictures through out the the week. The weather wasn't all sunny while we were there, we saw on the news that rain was coming so we took advantage of our first sunny day and went to the park with Izzie's cousins Sean and Brandon and her Aunt Heidi. Heidi told us about Irvine Park in Orange and it sounded like fun, so we picked them up and had a day at the park. We all rode on the little train they have there, it takes you all around the park and you get to see the little lake they have there and all the little playgrounds and picnic areas. They also had horses and ponies for the kids to ride. I tried to pick and extra slow one for Izzie, I think he was a little too slow, he kept stopping to smell flowers and fence posts, it was really funny. Izzie loved it. Sean and Brandon had to ride the "trotting" ponies, that ride should come with a warning! they were bouncing all over the place they loved it though :) and it was sure funny to watch. The boys were itching to get to the playgrounds to run around so we stopped there next, Izzie had a blast on the swings and slides. Next stop was the Zoo they have in the park, I was very impressed with the selection of animals. It was close to closing time so we had to rush but I think we pretty much saw everything. As you can tell Izzie had a lot of fun that day , and even better for me she slept great that night! More pictures to come....

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