Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

So yesterday morning I woke up to every ones worst nightmare, the cell phone ringing, waking you up out of a dead sleep, your mind automatically thinks that something bad has happened. It was my mom's ring tone so I knew who it was even before I answered it, so I braced myself for some bad news:

Me: Hello
My Mom (mind you she's screaming this):Hello
Me: Hello
Mom: Hello can you hear me?
Me: Hello, yes I can hear you! (now I'm screaming)
Mom: Nikki can you hear me? I'm driving and I dropped my phone on the floor, I was trying to call your Dad. Can you hear me? Did I wake you? I'm sorry!
Me: That's OK I'll talk to you later.
Mom: OK sorry sweetie have a nice day!

As I hung up my phone I was thinking oh thank goodness nothing bad had happened, and then I thought only my mother would do something like that, I started to laugh. It turned out that it was around 6 in the morning, I didn't know it at the time because it was still really dark here. I tried to go back to sleep but it was no use, but all day when I thought about my wake-up call it made me smile. For those of you who don't know, today is my moms birthday, so I thought I would share somethings you might not know about her.

My mom can make wearing two completely different shoes to my 
brothers baseball game look good!

When she gets really mad, she sings. (Oh how we hated this growing up)

She thinks it soooo hilarious to scream BANG! to make me jump, at anytime, anywhere.

She gets you to run one real quick errand with her, and then you find yourself making three four stops on the way home. She is so famous for this.

She once smashed a whole ice cream cone in my brother Steven's face, right in the middle of a restaurant because he was sassing her. 

She is always falling, slipping, or burning herself. I cannot tell you how many toes she has broken, too many to count!

She is such a hard worker. She can work circles around anyone!

She is the very best Mom, Sister, Daughter and Grandma anyone could ever have, just ask anyone of us. 

She is always giving of herself, it wasn't until I became a mother myself that I realized how great I had it growing up. She truly is the best mother a girl could ask for, she often apologizes because she feels like she wasn't a good enough mother to us sometimes, and I always have to set her straight. I think as a mom if you don't doubt yourself once in a while there's something wrong with you! So I hope this entry today will give her a little Mom boost, because don't we all need one once in a while? I love you mom and I hope you have a very 
I wish I could be there with you :)

Love your favorite daughter
Nikki :)


The Dean Family said...

Happy Birthday!!! to your Mom! I hope one day, my kids will say such sweet things to me!:0

BAM BAM said...

You are such a sweet daughter! We wish you our best and will send good happy birthday vibes to your Mom!

Michal said...

what a sweet post. i loved that picture of the two of you when you were little. i remember you both back in those days. you are blessed to have such a great mom, and izzie is blessed because her mom was trained by a great mom!