Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures as promised and on the same day. I'm good!

Here are some pictures as promised, only a few though, they are taking sooooo long to upload tonight and I'm very tired. We were gardening again tonight, I know, I know 2 count them 2 days in a row, and NO crying!!!! Tim was so proud I was setting a good example for Izzie who was "helping" us today :)
Can you tell how much Izzie loved the beach, she was so funny!
Here we are at Izzie's first trip to Sea World, she had a blast!!
They have these new feeder tubes to so you can feed the sea lions.

Here are some pictures from Mother's Day this year, I was so lucky to be able to see friends and family this year!!
Here's a picture of Emma and Izzie, Emma is Stephanie Hopwoods little girl. 


Mintymoon :) said...

so cute!! the seal feeder tubes look like great fun :)

The Dean Family said...

I love these pictures! Izzy could be on an add for Sea World! & I love your new profile comment.:) I am excited to hear about your garden, it is kind of fun-huh? We are glad your back, Clayton noticed today & was glad!