Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're Back!

We're back from Cali again :) We had such a great time visiting with everyone! But back to life, back to reality. I spent yesterday running errands all over the place. I had to pick up a sprinkler part that broke while we were away, some kind of pump of some sort, all I now is that our water wasn't working in the back yard so it had to be taken care of ASAP. And of course you can just go buy it at your local Home Depot, they sent me to Sprinkler World, the guy at Home Depot was rattling of directions like I know my way around Utah. I still need to master the streets out here, they are not at all like anywhere else, come visit you'll see, but I found it eventually. Then I had to pick up a kit from a class I signed up for and then couldn't make it to cause we were gone. Then off to our new Wal*Mart (yah I still get excited) to get food for the week, and vegetable plants for my new garden. And yes I planted them last night. I'm famous for getting plants and watching them die in the pots they came in on my front porch, In case you didn't know I hate gardening I'm trying to make myself like it :) . Anyway after Tim and I planted the veggies we came in and watched some TV. I saw a commercial for a new show on FOX called Glee I thought it would be good so I added it to my long list on the DVR, OMG!! we loved it!!! You have got to go to and watch the Pilot on their website. I cannot say enough good things about it, so I won't try, just go watch for yourself. I'm so glad to have a new show to watch this summer, I was so bummed last night watching all my season finales, if you don't know yet I am such a TV junkie, but now that it's summer I switch to all my favorite reality shows My life on the d-list, flipping out, project runway and the list goes on. Can't wait!
I will post vacation photo's soon, I have to unpack my bags first, Izzie's helping me with that by putting everything all over the living room :)

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