Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family Farm Night

I'm going to say it again.....I LOVE where we live. While at family farm night at Thanksgiving Point, in the middle of taking a thousand pictures of Iz, I just had to stop and take a shot of our beautiful sunset. It literally stopped me in my tracks. Utah sunsets, there's nothing like them. I don't miss southern California at all....ok maybe a little bit. I could use a nice sunny warm day every once in awhile during the cold days of winter. Maybe that's why we visit so much....hum?
Iz enjoyed her visit with the cows, she was much braver this trip. I'm amazed how quickly she changes from month to month.
And yes those are devil horns on her head. I pick my battles...this was not one of them.
Our little cowgirl rode the pony all on her own this time. Mom was panicking a little bit, and Dad was standing by just in case. You'd hear this little nervous laugh escape her every once in a while, it almost had me in tears it was so funny.
Next it was on to the crafts, the theme of the night was Three Blind Mice. Iz, I mean Tim and I, made a little mouse out of felt while Izzie colored a picture of the little guys.

On our way out Izzie couldn't resist one last ride on the saddle.

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