Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disney On Ice

A few weeks ago we we're able to go to Disney on Ice for free! Okay maybe not for free, we had to sit in the freezing cold for about 5 hours in the heart of Salt Lake City 3 months ago, but the tickets were free! Tim went earlier that day to pick-up the tickets at the box office and got awesome seats right behind the VIP section.

Izzie had so much fun seeing all the characters skating around, I think it gave her a Disneyland fix that will last till we can get back there in May... I hope.

She was all smiles the whole time.

Here are some shots of the show, Izzies getting a kick out of looking at them again right now as I type. She's yelling "Gotta go's" she still won't call them cars.

We will be sitting in the cold again next year to get our tickets, it was so worth it!

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The Dean Family said...

Yay! you updated your blog! (now maybe I should do the same...) It looks like you had a great time & your hair looks great!