Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

We went to California again for Mothers Day this year. But this time we flew, it was so nice to get there and settled in so fast :) we don't get to do that very often anymore because now Izzie's not free. The trip had a lot of firsts! Izzie has the best Uncles ever, James and Brian bought her her first princess dress. She loved it so much it was hard to get her out of it to go to bed, and the first thing she said in the morning was "mama, princess dress"
Izzie got to vist with her cousins a lot this trip it always makes us happy to see their relationships grow more and more with each trip. It is so important to both Tim and I that she really knows our families in California,that's why we go back so often. On this trip we all went to Pinks, the famous hot dog joint in California. Tim, Izzie, Grandpa, Sean, Brandon, James, Brian, and myself all piled in our cars and went to the new location at Knotts Berry Farm. All I can say is YUM YUM life changing!!! If you ever get the chance GO!

Another first this year was a trip to Disneyland with Grandma and Grandpa McBride. She had so much fun sharing her favorite place on earth with them. They got their tickets for free through the Disney "Give a Day get a Day" program this year.

We really had a great time with them. I think it had been over 20 years since they had been there last!

And here is the annual Mothers Day rose picture, I get one every year :) They are some of my favorite pictures of my baby girl.

I hope you all had as good a Mothers Day as I had!!!

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