Sunday, July 4, 2010

A day at the farm

On Mothers day this year we had a BBQ at Kevin and Susie's, all the Moms came including my Mom and Grandma. We had a great time we ate Mexican food and the boys BBQ'd carne esada. At the end of the night after everyone went home we were cleaning up in the backyard and my Mom fell and twisted her ankle, bad. I ended up taking her to the ER to get it checked out to make sure it wasn't broken (my mom has broken her ankle before, she does her own stunts and shes good). Well it turned out it wasn't broken only sprained but boy was it ugly! She ended up getting a lot of time off work so it would heal. And the night before we were to fly back, we convinced her to come back to Utah with us to heal here. I know, I know you're asking yourself why is she telling us this story in a post titled "A day at the farm"? Well I just saw my mom in the pictures and remembered why she was with us that day. And because I'm a very bad blogger and haven't been keeping up with my blog, I forgot to put it in my entry titled "Mothers Day 2010" Anyways moving on to "A day at the Farm"...
We had fun at the farm this day, there were tons of baby animals because it was spring and all. Izzie always finds something new to do there every time. This time it was pulling on the buckets with grandma.

This goat kept calling out for his mama in the other pen, and every time he would call out Izzie would jump, it was pretty funny.

Always a good time when we visit the farm!

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