Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hee Haw!

If you know Izzie, you know this girl loves steak! So it's not a surprise that her favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse or "Hee Haw" as she calls it. She calls it Hee Haw because on your birthday they make you sit on a saddle and they get the whole restaurant you yell Yee Haw! really loud. If you ask Izzie where she wants to eat she will always say Hee Haw!!

Funny story about Izzie and her steak...For some reason Tim and I decided that she should have chicken instead of steak, probably because she had already had red meat that week, anyway when the waiter brought out the chicken she looked at him funny and told him "what is this? I don't want chicken you need to bring me a steak". The poor waiter just looked at us with this funny look on his face like, do I have to listen to the three year old? We still laugh about this every time we go.

Happy girl, finally on the saddle!!

I don't know, do you think she likes chocolate cake?

A group shot. All her "sends"

This girls got real spoiled :)

She LOVED all her gifts!

She just couldn't wait to model them all.

Such a HAM!

We just LOVE this girl, it's such a joy to watch her grow up!

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