Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

Long time no see, I mean blog. I'm going to be doing some catching up here on my blog. I've been a bad bad blogger :) But I'm promise to be better, I had forgotten how important it is to document the things going on in our lives, and it makes me take more pictures too. So here we go..

I just had to post these pictures, I forgot where I had gone (which is another reason you should keep up on your blogging, but I'll beat myself up later) but I left Tim home alone to take care of Izzie and when I came home, she looked like this :) Can you see the art work on her face, arms and legs and just about everywhere else?

She had gone over to play with Olivia next door and they got REAL creative together!

So cute and soooo proud of her work!

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