Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sea World - Part Two

Last time we were in California, I think it was June, we went to Sea World. I found out that our tickets were good for two days, so we decided to take advantage of that, and go again in October. It was so nice the second time, we didn't feel rushed. The first time we found ourselves running around trying to fit all the shows in. I think it's next to impossible to fit it all in, in one trip!!!!

The dolphins were awesome this time, they were really friendly, it was our favorite attraction. Izzie stayed with this dolphin for a good five minutes. I think he was just as interested in her, as she was in him, it was a very cute moment. Tim was a good Daddy and went on the rides with Izzie, we made a quick stop at the Budweiser Horses - they are so BIG!

Izzie thought she would be cute and grab the camera while we were waiting for the Shamu show to start. She's so darn CUTE!
Here she is trying to put Tim's hat back on for him, I could not stop laughing!

Last shot of the day, hey look it's another picture of me, on my blog, imagine that :)

More pictures to come - Disneyland, camping and much much more!

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