Monday, July 6, 2009

The little red, I mean purple car :)

Our friend Karen Dean gave us one of her "red cars", it had many, many miles of fun on it. We were so grateful, and Izzie couldn't be more excited. She was always "stealing" other kids cars in the neighborhood, as her mother it was getting a little embarrassing to say the least. We wanted to make it her own so we decided to girly it up a bit. So we cleaned it up, and by we I mean Tim :) Someone had to take the pictures.
Tim took it all apart and, Izzie helped him clean it up with a little soap and water.
This was a funny moment, as Tim was washing her car I asked him if when he was in his car club detailing his cars for hours at a time, if he ever thought he would be detailing a little red car for his daughter one day. I couldn't resist it just looked too funny:)
So after it was all dried, we went to Wal*Mart and got some of this new spray-paint for plastics
And turned that little red car into this -
We couldn't resist adding the little bling butterfly to the front and her little license plate in the back. I know it's crooked, I fixed it after I saw the picture, but you get the idea. So if any of you have some old plastic toys that need a little lift try this paint out, it works wonders!
And now we need to get to that desk....

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