Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ahhh it's good to be home

Well this is my first post since getting back from yet another trip to California. I love going there and getting to spend time with family and friends, but but oh how I hate getting home and having to unpack! I feel so displaced when I get home, sounds weird but hey that's how I feel. Maybe it's the endless list that pops into my mind of things that need to get done the minute I walk in the door. So many chores so little time! I kind of love being in California because the only thing I'm in charge of or need to keep clean is the guest bedroom we stay in. And then I get home and get a huge reality check! To make things a little more difficult this time I had to go straight to work doing my Dove gig for four days. But all that is behind me now and life is getting back to normal, ahhh. I am happy to report that my veggie garden is doing great! Thank you Karen!!! I have lots of tomatoes, one huge green bell pepper, a tall row of corn and many strawberries ( thank you Tiff ). This trip we packed a lot in lets see we....

Went to our nephews Birthday party, Izzie hit her first pinata (did I spell that right?)

Went to Justin's graduation (yea Justin!)

Had one Huge family drama! All is well now though.

Izzie played with her cousins a few times, and loved every minute :)

Went to the beach

Pigged out on Thrifty's ice cream - the best!

Visited my Mom at the hospital where she works.

Took Izzie to Penn Park, so many memories of my childhood came flooding back the minute I stepped foot in the park.

Drove by my old high school, and our old house in Whittier, talk about flash backs, I won't go there!

I could go on and on but I'll stop there, I'm realizing there is just too much to list in one blog post. Let's just say we had a great time and loved visiting everyone :) I'll put some pictures in just for fun enjoy :)

Izzie at Penn park, I found out my Mom used to play at this park as well. There used to be ducks here that you could feed but there were none to be found :( so sad. My Mom released her ducks wiggles and waggles here when she was young.

At the beach, the water was soooo warm it was great! This was Fathers day, we went with James and Brian, then went to give Justin a hard time at his new job, the Golden Spoon YUM!

Do you recognize her? It's Hannah Montana :) My mom bought this Hannah Montana wig for Izzie on clearance from target she LOVED it.
She was pretty good with the stick, scary :o.

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