Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dinner With Danny

Wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary and that morning I woke up to these on the dining room table. I was so shocked that scrapped to top of my foot on our metal baby gate (ouch!). As I looked closer I saw that Tim also got some pastries for us to share (Yum!) We had a very relaxed morning with Iz eating our goodies (I think she was more excited about the pastries than me) and watching a little Food network.

That night the three of us went to Bucca's for dinner (one of Tim's favorites) and when we walked in the door Danny was there to greet us! Izzie was so excited :)

After dinner we headed to the drive in theater! It was soooo much fun. We took the mustang so we could sit under the stars. It was the first time we've been together. We didn't know how Izzie would be sitting in her car seat for that long, but she was perfect! She absolutely loved the movie Up! She was laughing and screaming and having a great time. At this drive in, they show a kids movie first and then a movie for adults right afterwards, so It's two movies for the price of one, can't beat that.
In this picture she's getting mad at me for interrupting her movie with my bright flash, but you know me always have to get a picture! Tim just kept telling me, "that flash is really bright", "hey honey that flash is super bright".... oh well. MUST GET PICTURES! :)
We had so much fun, I think that a drive in movie with your family is a must this summer! Even if you have to drive a little bit further than you normally would, it is an experience that is just to good to pass up. Pack up a dinner and some snacks, load the kids in the car and head off to the movies you won't be sorry you did I promise!

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