Monday, August 24, 2009


So I know I've been a bad blogger, I thought I'd get caught up a little today. A few weeks ago we entered a contest at our local Firestone tire center to win tickets to the monster truck show and we won! Thanks Tiff and Rick we couldn't have done it without you hee hee :). We got to go to the Firestone tent before the show where they fed us dinner and we got to meet the drivers. Izzie had a lot of fun, they gave these great gift bags with lots of goodies too. They had gift cards to local restaurants, hats, mini monster truck toys, shirts and lots more!
We had to go to Cabellas beforehand to get Iz something to cover her ears, and as you can tell by the picture, she didn't like them AT ALL! And I want to go on record, here is a picture of me, on my blog, imagine that!
I had to get a shot of the view from our seats, it was such a beautiful day. (I love living in Utah) I thought I'd put Izzie in the shot too, hey she's cute.
Here's Iz playing with John in the tent while we ate dinner and below a shot of Izzie with 4 of the drivers, as you can tell she didn't like a strange man holding her very much :)

Thanks again Tiff and Rick, I mean Firestone, we had a great day!

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scoutmomof4 said...

we love the monster trucks! They do have small plugs that go in the ear, they come in fun colors those seem to work better for our kids when we go to the races.

izziemakesthree said...

Thanks, I'll have to look for them!