Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ok I know I'm bad, but i have a good excuse :)

I know it's been awhile, but I've just been so busy. Does anyone else get this panic moment at the end of July like I did this past week, when you realize summer is almost over? It's now officially August, which is almost September which means it's almost FALL!! I get this little bit of mommy guilt, did I do enough with Iz this summer? Did she play outside enough? Did we hit enough water parks? Oh the guilt! So that is why these past few weeks I have been trying to cram little day trips in before it starts to cool off here in Utah. I know I'm crazy, Tim thinks so too. So this past weekend we went to Thanksgiving Point. It's a huge "family event center" here in Utah. They have huge beautiful gardens, a farm, the largest dinosaur museum in the world (no really they do), a movie theater, a place for cooking classes (I've taken one with my friend Tiffany) a movie theater (went with my bro-in-law Ryan and Tim once) and a little water park for the kiddies, that's where we took Izzie this past Saturday she had lots of fun! This kid LOVES the water!
The theme there is Noah's Ark
She'd climb on the rocks and say Hi to people, (okay I'm going to stop right here and ask you people something, why when a cute little girl says hi and waves at you, do people not wave back or even acknowledge her? How rude! they look right at her, I know they heard her. All they do is look away and keep on walking, it makes me want to throw something at the back of their heads! Okay thanks for letting me vent :)
We had lots of fun, and I was able to check one more thing off my list of things I wanted to do with Iz this summer.

Thanksgiving Point CHECK!

Another thing we did this past month was visit the Tracy Aviary on Pioneer Day
(yes we have a Pioneer Day here in Utah, it's a state holiday everyone gets the day off!)
Now I know your thinking, hey dosen't she have a deep rooted fear of birds? And the answer is YES, but it was FREE, what can i say I'm a sucker for free:)
We went with Karen Dean and her kids. Izzie has a little baby crush on Clayton, he tells her stories and plays peekaboo with her and Iz just loves it!
The Aviary was okay it could have been better, but there were a few cool birds and it got us out of the house and hey I'll say it again it was free.
Izzie stopping to smell the flowers.
Not that it was on my list of things to do this summer, but I'm putting it on there so I can check it off. (it makes me feel better)

Tracy Aviary CHECK!

Post on blog CHECK!
(I'm on a roll, somebody stop me!)

Now go out and do something fun today, so you can check something off your list!


April said...

Hey! I left you a comment on a previous post, and I've been sending you e-mail's, but I guess they aren't getting through!!! I don't know what's going on!!! Do you have a different e-mail address or anything?

The Dean Family said...

I wish you would update MY blog!