Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the Air!!!

These are photo's of Izzie just one year ago, this was actually the very first time we got a real smile out of her, it just melted our hearts! And it happened to be right around Valentines Day:)
I thought since it's Valentines Day I would share the story of how Tim & Nikki met.
(it is flashback Friday!) I know a lot of you know the story, but there are some out there that don't, so here it goes..

Tim and I officially met in December of 1998 at The Home Depot where I was working. It was really late, way past closing time and I was the last register open that night. My manager wouldn't let me close out my drawer because there was still a group of guys shopping. After about 20 minutes they finally came to check out, and I guess you can say I got a little bit sassy with one of Tim's friends when he stared joking around with me and giving me a hard time. I would later find out that Tim thought it was really funny.  Tim was in that group of guys that night, and it turned out we had a mutual friend that worked with me named Gary. Later that night Tim met up with Gary and he just happened to ask if Tim was seeing anyone, he said no but asked if he knew someone named Nicole that worked with him. Later that week Gary came up to me and said that one of his friends saw me the other night, and wanted to get my number. I asked if he was a nice guy, he said yes and that was enough for me, I knew Gary wouldn't set me up with a weirdo. So I gave him my number and waited for the call. I waited, and waited, and waited, and every time I saw Gary he would ask "did he call yet" and every time my answer was the same "nope, not yet". A month later he finally called and our first date was at BJ'S Pizza by the beach. (I would later find out he waited so long to call because he was to nervous, how sweet :) You were worth the wait honey!!!

I'm going to end my blog tonight with 10 things I love about my sweetie, it is 
Valentine's Day!:

1. I love how hard he works, to make it so I can stay home with Izzie.

2. I love his wicked sense of humor, it's just like mine and I think we have passed it on to Izzie too, yikes!

3. I love how he makes me take time for myself, somehow he always knows when I need it.

4. I love that he goes to the movies with me 2 times a year, he hates going to the movies.

5. I love that he hardly ever tells me no.

6. I love that he likes to cook!

7. I love that he is sooooo good at decorating. He makes a real mean bow!!!

8. I love that he has patience, I really don't have much myself.

9. I love that he is such a great Dad!

10. I love that he is such a generous person, especially when it comes to Izzie and I.

Happy Valentine's Day Honey I love you!
 I'm such a lucky girl to have you as my partner in crime!!!!

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