Monday, February 9, 2009

Say Cheese!

I'm always getting these coupons in the mail from JC Penny's and Sears for their portrait studios, I save them with every intention of going in, cause they look like such a good deal. But after our first experience at a portrait studio with our little one, we have been so reluctant to go back, we felt like we left with the word "SUCKER" across our foreheads. The pictures look so cute, and the layouts are so adorable! You end up saying yes to this and that and before you know it your bill is over two hundred dollars.
 A few weeks ago I started tossing the idea around that we should take Izzie back in. I told Tim, we should use this coupon it's such a great deal, he agreed and so our mission began. I read and re-read the fine print on the coupon, I was not going to get suckered again! I told him, we are not ordering anything extra this time! Do not let me get carried away! We agreed to keep each other in check, and after pumping each other up for over a week, I felt we were strong enough to make the appointment to go in. And so this afternoon we got Izzie all dolled up and went to the mall. As we were approaching the studio, I saw the lady standing behind the cash register and I thought I can do this! Be strong! She is the enemy! After many photos and prop changes, we were finally done and ready to pick our favorite shot. Only one though, because the coupon said it MUST BE THE SAME POSE FOR ALL SHEETS!! We sat down at the little table and went through all the different poses and the whole time the lady kept saying "oh that ones soooo cute, look at that smile!", "ooooohhh, how sweet!"  I'm thinking, do they send her to some sort of class to learn this stuff? And to make things even harder, the whole time we're trying to pick-out that perfect pose, Izzie is screaming (partly my fault, it was well past her lunchtime). But I'm happy to report that we only picked two poses, I know, I know I said only one, but I think this is a huge improvement from our last visit. And besides have you seen her? she's darn cute and imagine her in a tutu, I'm lucky I only picked two! We only spent $26!!! , so I can say with great pride MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!! 
I will post the pictures as soon as we get them :)

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