Monday, December 1, 2008

Cousin Wendi's Wedding

This weekend I was doing my Costco gig, so Tim took care of Izzie during the day, they always have a good time. On Saturday my cousin Wendi was having her wedding reception, so after I finished up for the day at Costco I asked Tim to get her ready and meet me in the parking lot so we could drive there together and when he pulled up Izzie was sitting in the front seat in her car seat sunroof open, mind you it was in the 30's, in this outfit (the one we bought for Christmas pictures) her hair was sticking straight up and she looked like she had been in a wind tunnel! She had the BIGGEST smile on her face. I could NOT stop laughing, and even as I'm writing this I'm still laughing. 

She likes to pull my hair when it's down, so here I scared her by grabbing her hands before she could pull my hair again. She loves loves loves to be scared it cracks her up!
Look at her little curl! Her hair is getting longer!!!

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