Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting that perfect christmas card photo!

And I'm just going to say it .... I LOVE MOOCHIES!!! I'm telling you we are taking everyone here when you come to visit so be prepared :) The BEST Philly cheese steak sandwich ever! And I mean ever!!

Izzie loved it too!
It was another beautiful day here so we went to Gardner's Village to try and get photos of Izzie and do a little Christmas shopping too. They have these little elves they put out around the holidays, some of them are a little scary and some are very cute so we walked all over the whole village trying to find the "perfect" elf to sit her next to. We didn't get the photo, but we got some really cute shots:)
I made the mistake of going in the cute little Baby Boutique they have there and bought this hat in Black for Izzie... sometimes I just can't stop myself.

Here's a shot of one of the elves in the background, but Izzie wouldn't look at the camera!  

And here we put her in front of a tree in one of the stores and still she wouldn't look, ugh! So Tim gave her a ball off the tree and what does she do.... stares at the ball of course :)

And there's the always lovely fake smile

And here we thought oh won't that be cute, her by the covered bridge... no she just wanted to yell at the ducks.

And here are some of the scary elves I was talking about, yuck what is that stuff oozing down her face?!
We finally gave up and went to the mall, and Izzie rode the carousel for the first time. She loved it. I was a little sad, she is growing up so fast! My sadness didn't last very long though, I was soon laughing my head off when the carousel started to go round. It wasn't to fast for Izzie, but it sure was for Tim. He said it feels much faster when you're standing, and the animal next to them was a reindeer and every time it went up and down the antlers would jab into his back but he couldn't move because he had to stay close to Izzie, so he kept making this painful face the whole time.

She was all smiles the whole time!

We didn't get the perfect Christmas card photo, but I think we got a perfect day together. 

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