Friday, December 5, 2008

Just another day...

Today I found myself drowning in endless piles of clothes that I let accumulate, again! Why do I always do that to myself? I think that will be one of my new years resolutions, one of many I should say. Other than the piles of laundry I waded through, today was a pretty good day. The sun was shining and it's in the  high 40's, in Utah, in December! Can you believe that we have yet to get a real snowstorm? I'm telling you the universe is waiting for Kevin and Susie's plane to touch down and BAM!! storm watch 2008 :). We joke about that here in Utah now, we remember watching the news at night in California, and even if it was only 1/8th of an inch of rain, the weatherman would call it "STORM WATCH" and some cameraman would take a shot of the water rushing down the gutter. Ahhh California there are some things we miss but not much.
Tim and I talk about it sometimes, moving to Utah, especially when the seasons change here. Life in California was just whizzing by us, and now that we're here, life just goes a little slower. I never knew why people would make such a big deal about fall and now that we're here oh my gosh the colors and the crispness of the air, there's nothing like it. And curling up by the fire while you watch the snow fall outside your windows, blissful. And just when you can't take the snow anymore... spring comes. We love it here, we love how our lives have changed. Instead of saying hi and goodbye in between our 2 sometimes 3 jobs in California, we see each other all day everyday and WE get to stay home with our baby girl. I'm a truly lucky, lucky girl.
The only downfall?.... we miss all of you, our family and friends back in California. Please come visit!! There is always room at our Inn!!!! 

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Stephanie said...

So, I read the blog today and after reading what you wrote about the seasons and getting to spend the day with your husband and child (daily), tears came to my eyes! You are VERY lucky indeed and I wish that Ryan, Jordan and I were given the chance to share Utah and your family on a more permanent bases!!!!

I miss you all!!!

Lots of Love,