Thursday, December 18, 2008


I swore to myself I would not become one of "them", you know the mom that tells everyone she comes in contact with all the "cute" things their child did last night, the mom that thinks their child is just the sweetest, smartest, funniest kid ever! But it has happened. Tonight it is with great pride that I say that I have become one of "them".  
When it was just the two of us, a lot of our friends were having babies and telling us these kinds of stories, and don't get me wrong some of them were funny, some of them even make us laugh to this day, but some of them were painful to listen to at the time. I would be thinking to myself why are they telling me this? Please make them stop! Quick someone change the subject! But now that I have joined the "Club" I get it, I totally get it. I was young and not ready enter into that faze of life. I now find myself seeking these stories out, reading them on other moms blogs, when I run into other moms I know, I drag them out of them! Hearing them makes me feel "normal" that I'm not alone in the sometimes frustrating world of mommyhood. I know now that it can brighten someones day, like when I was talking to my Mom on the phone yesterday, she has been having a rough time lately, but it made her smile and laugh a little to hear about Izzies latest and greatest adventures. And when she said "heywo" to her Uncle Ryan on the phone it made him laugh, and it made her Aunt Stephanie very jealous. 
My daughter makes me laugh everyday, and tonight, in my eyes, she became the smartest little one year old to ever walk, I mean crawl, the face of the earth. And her little attitude, oh it makes Tim and I laugh all the time, we always look at each other and say "we're in trouble". And so I share my tales of Izzie with great pride here on my blog, I figure if people don't want to hear them they can just press their back key and spare themselves, because I won't, I will keep on talking about my smart, sweet, sassy and funny baby girl.

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Michal said...

it's okay, nikki. it happens to all of us eventually! and then we realize what we were missing before we had kids (as opposed to missing sleep now.) isn't it amazing how a little person can change your life and your heart so thoroughly?
your little izzie is adorable (and looks a lot like her mom.) congrats on joining the club.